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Couple of ideas - Would appreciate some feedback :)

PostPosted:Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:49 pm
by bendoverbaby
Hey guys and girls!

So I had a couple thoughts, let me know what you think...

#1 The "Help me"/"I can't find it" scenes, I was thinking perhaps an outside location (was concerned about the sound but after seeing Natalia in the woods (damn that girl gets better and better!) loading a car, plenty of scope for bending over picking up boxes/suitcases for an ex leaving you,sister going off to college (cue obligatory tartan skirt and white cotton panties :) ) or helping your friendly neighbour move in. Obviously you'll help if she lets you wank.....

#2 The "Silent Teacher" on a new set,bear with me here as if involves building an old style train carriage with movement for plenty of JBA (jiggling boob action®) with the girls maybe in retro clothing. Could expand to "talkies" with the danger element of being caught by other passengers..

#3 The "Nurses" more of a wish than an idea to be honest but I'll mention it anyway as I'm on a roll, at the end could we have the girl laying face down on the hospital bed,legs either side with bum slightly over the edge and as she tells the viewer to "Come over here and fuck me" the camera zooms in slowly,straight on the gradually opening lips of the lucky lady before fading to credits..

Not sure I've explained them all perfectly but I hope they could serve as inspiration for some of the better directors in here and thanks for reading!

I would say keep up the fantastic work but to me it seems like every video is better than the last so long may it continue! :D

Re: Couple of ideas - Would appreciate some feedback :)

PostPosted:Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:34 am
by deathr0w
Thanks for these scene ideas! We'll see what we can do with them! :D