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  • Custom Video Recommendations??

  • Talk about anything not in the list below :)
Talk about anything not in the list below :)
 #21057  by MLP
 Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:47 pm
Anyone got any model recommendations for some good quality custom videos?
Also wondering if anyone has had any custom vids from models where they have "upped their levels" just for personalised videos?

Please post or DM me any recommendations/details.

 #21118  by MLP
 Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:27 pm
Anyone purchased any custom video clips from "The British Masturbation Academy"??

Any other recommendations??
Any girls offering a good quality custom video for a good price???
Also... Anyone got any American model custom video recommendations??
 #22412  by MLP
 Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:58 pm
Just wanted to bump this thread and see if anyone has any good custom video recommendation from any models/pornstars/camgirls from UK or USA.
Any girls delivered a fantastic quality and accurate-to-script custom video at a decent price?
Any girls filmed "higher levels" for your custom videos? (DM me!)

Also is there anyone you don't recommend?
Anyone took payment and not delivered the video?
 #22875  by Joe Hardbride
 Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:45 pm
MLP wrote:Anyone purchased any custom video clips from "The British Masturbation Academy"??

I have. Quite a few in fact.

I'm a big BMA fan. £65 for a single 10 minute custom clip (All my BMA customs average around 14 minutes at no extra charge) with other pricing options available. What I love about the BMA customs is the amount of control you have over the video. You're basically the director, writer, choreographer, wardrobe and make-up artist rolled into one. The only thing you're not doing is actually holding the camera. I'm hoping to have a few more produced in the next couple of months.

I noticed a while ago that St. Mackenzie's offer a custom service so I enquired about costs. £200 for a 10 minute clip. Goodbye.

According to their Clips4Sale page, Jerk4Princess offer customs too. However, they never replied when I asked them for a price so that was the end of that. Meh, their loss.

Carly Rae Summers will do customs. I've not had one from her in awhile. She was producing them on her phone which wasn't ideal but she tells me that she's recently upgraded to a proper HD camera so that's good news. Static camera. No edits and virtually no cuts. A big plus for me is that she'll play with her asshole and use a buttplug. £60 for 30 minutes (her rates may have changed since I lasted ordered)

Chloe Toy did a video for me via YouKandy and stopped halfway through filming it to spend a while looking over my request list. Wasn't edited out. Just left in. Killed the custom stone dead.

Over the pond, Krystal Orchid made a custom for me and it was very good. I intend to get another one made by her in the near future. Great video quailty and dedicated camera operator. Minimum cuts and edits. £60 for 10 minutes (again, her rates may have changed since I lasted ordered)
 #22889  by dq8203
 Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:08 pm
That Chloe toy comment was hilarious :lol: :lol: :lol:

I've had custom JOI vids from girls on here such as Dolly, Penny Lee, Sapphire Blue, Emma Black/miss selene, Brooke Little and Tiffany Naylor.

Also had one from LeluLove the American pornstar which was very very good oral and HD but she literally read the request from a notepad throughout the vid.. terrible in that sense.

Penny Lee's vids were great in every sense and she gives her everything each time, but only down side is the video quality could be better. Dolly's vids are pretty good aswell and all efforts to cover exactly what you requested, and video quality is very good. Sapphire Blue's are decent and she seems to want to make sure she gets exactly what you asked for. Brooke Little's seem a little forced and like she cba doing It, she also takes about a month and comes off with all sorts of excuses such as broken phones and hospital visits without fail any time you order.. but her tits are great so.. Lol. Emma Blacks aren't bad but vid quality could be better and any vids I've had I could barely hear her and the camera positioning never seems good.

Tiffany Naylor's I'm my opinion were the best unexpectedly, she really connects with the camera and makes the video almost seem real.. very good acting.. high quality videos and she talks right filth. Reminds me I must get more.